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Improgen Diagnostic Chemistry Co.Ltd is a company that develops and produces analytical tools and reagents.
First of all, our philosophy of quality; For clinical diagnostics, it is an excellent environment to provide the best organization in terms of technical, commercial, financial and human view.
The field of activity of İmprogen Diagnostics Chemistry Ltd. is based on the following foundations:
1. Technological innovation
2. Internal production
3. Joint marketing of devices and associated reagents
4. Continuous improvement of products and adapting to the needs of customers
5. Worldwide sales, marketing and distribution with ongoing business relationships.

Improgen Diagnostics Chemistry Co.Ltd. it undertakes these activities with an approach based on financial prudence. Quality in respect of people, laws and environment is committed to quality in the following matters.
1- Quality products.
a) To define the needs and expectations of the customers regarding the products.
b) Develop products and provide superior features compared to other similar products as possible.
c) To maintain continuous stable quality and to gradually raise the quality bar above the level provided.
d) To conduct continuous active tests in its own R & D laboratory in order to make the quality measurable and to follow the quality.

2- High quality customer service
a) To determine the service route in line with the needs and expectations of domestic and foreign customers.
b) Reporting the expectations and demands of the customers in an understandable manner and producing solutions accordingly.
c) Human relations, fast delivery and problem solving.
d) To ensure that the training needs of the technical specifications of our products are met.

3- Professional development according to our quality criteria for company personnel;
a) Establish and maintain a company organization and policy that allows employees to progress.
b) To ensure that the professional working environment and staff improve themselves by increasing initiative and responsibility.
c) To contribute to the personal achievement goals of all employees through continuous information sharing and training for the institution.
d) Providing basic professional IT and technological requirements for personnel.

4- Compliance with requirements;
a) Ensuring compliance of the work with the applicable occupational safety laws and sustainability (especially in terms of personnel safety and health)
b) the quality system that conforms unconditionally to all applicable legislation and requirements regarding general and product safety,
c) Implementation of quality directives 98/79 / EC and ISO 9001 and IS0 13485 quality processes including targeted legislation and quality processes for medical in vitro diagnostic devices,


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